Tips for Picking Beautiful Bed Linen

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Sleep can be a wonderful thing and as we spend a third of our life snuggled up beneath the duvet choosing the right bed linen should be high on our priority list. Not only does our bed linen speak volumes about our bedroom but the more indulgent your bed sheets are, the better your sleep will be.


Cheap bed linens can interrupt our sweet dreams by leaving us itchy, sticky or struggling to get comfortable which is why it’s important to always opt for quality when it comes to your sleeping environment. Whilst some people may prefer to wrap themselves in silk, others prefer to opt for cotton. Cotton is a light and breathable material that can be cool on your skin in the summer and warm in the winter. Feather and down duvets are also a big hit as they take the comfort of sleep to the next level.


We all want our Laura Ashley bed linen to look divine and the easiest way of doing this is to think about style and color when choosing your bed linen. When the chilly weather sets in nothing can be more alluring then warm colored sheets, comforters and pillows. Yet for the big, bright spring clean you may be best opting for creams and softer colors. Whichever bed linen you choose it should match the style of your bedroom. If your walls are bare then you can choose patterned sheets to dramatically lift the look of the room, however busy walls and busy bed sheets may seem to claustrophic when it comes to design.

Don’t scrimp when it comes to bed sheets and encourage sweet dreams with stunning, high quality bed linens. Laura Ashley has a unique range of beautiful bedding ranging from softly patterned to pure white and delicious creams. Give yourself the gift of great sleep with beautiful bed linens that last.