New linen, new look: transform your bathroom within your budget

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Just because the economy still isn’t looking too good doesn’t mean that you have to forget about keeping your home decor up to scratch. Small, simple changes to decoration and accessories can make all the difference and, nowhere is this more important than in the bathroom.

Estate agents tell us that bathrooms now rate along with kitchens as the areas of the house that potential home buyers look at first. But the bathroom’s importance doesn’t just extend to the times when we want to sell our home. The bathroom is now regarded as a space for relaxation and reflexion, as well as its more conventional functions, so making sure its decor and accessories make the right statement is of prime importance.

Take towels, for example. Traditionally, they were predominantly white in colour and there was little choice in style, size, or type of material. Now they are regarded, not just as a practical item, but also as a focal part of the bathroom, along with other key accessories, including robes, mats and blinds. Colour co-ordination is vital, with a huge range of shades now available. Click here for examples of the range available.

With the decline of coloured bathroom suites and with the vast majority of fixtures now in white, more vivid and dramatic colours are now de rigueur for bathroom accessories. Stripes, for example, can be really effective and combine particularly well with the popularity of coloured glass and mosaic tiles and borders.

The style of bathroom fixtures is also a key factor for co-ordination with accessories. Victorian-type baths, basins and lavatories can combine dramatically with stripes, or vivid block colours, whereas the cutting edge built in look, combined with Mediterranean style ceramics, favours a more subtle colour palate.

Texture is also important and, again, a huge range of choices are widely available. An early morning run, followed by a power shower demands a totally different type of finish for cleansing and drying products, compared to a leisurely evening bath, where a softer, more luxurious fabric is needed.

Family Favourites:
The huge choice in bathroom linen also means that each member of the family can select their particular favourite colour and fabric. And, it is now becoming very popular for them to be produced to commemorate an important event, such as a sporting victory, or for particular interests and hobbies.

This is particularly effective for children, with striking bathroom linen specially commissioned to commemorate favourite books, films or cartoon characters. As such, they don’t just make a statement, but make excellent birthday and Christmas presents, particularly when combined with additional matching items, such as robes.

So, never overlook your bathroom. You don’t need to spend large sums to replace fixtures and flooring. Keep within your budget and focus on your accessories. A few changes in linen can totally transform the look and style of this and any other room in your home and a new selection of towels, in particular, can make a real statement.


Shirley studied fabric design at one of the leading art schools in Europe. Since graduating, she has worked for a variety of top design houses and has won several awards for interior design.