Malevolently Haunted Bathrooms

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When something fails to work around the house, whether it’s the toaster that fails to heat up or the toilet that doesn’t flush, it is very common to attribute it to something beyond mere technical difficulties. Some technical difficulties do indeed feel very mysterious to those not fully versed in the specific machines.

Scary Sounds

Toilets can be fragile and prone to strange problems, so people not familiar with home repair may prefer to bring out the holy water than look at the pipes. Pipes can be scary places whether they are infested with evil spirits, bacteria, or both, so it is no wonder that people can see them both ways. After all, bacteria and evil spirits are every bit as invisible, harmful, and difficult and bothersome to clean. They may well spread just as easily, as well. For all anyone knows, they may well both afflict bathrooms everywhere.

Mysterious Feeling

Events commonly attributed to evil spirits in the bathroom include, but are not limited to: the toilet not flushing, random losses of hot water, strange noises, missing items in the medicine cabinet, unusual echoes, bizarre grime or mold, and inexplicable infestations of bugs and spiders. How spiders manage to get into the strangest places does indeed seem odd, especially for people in small homes who keep the windows closed and stay indoors frequently. People are often afraid of spiders, which are a common Halloween motif, so the connection to evil spirits is more or less self-explanatory.

Evil Spirits

Separating arachnophobia from fears of evil spirits can be tricky, and they may well be the same functionally. People who compulsively clean bathrooms may as well be trying to ward off spells. Psychologically, there is a direct link to our common fears of bacteria and germs as our perception of evil spirits and demons. The notion that they both affect bathrooms seems like it would follow. People also spend a good portion of their time in the bathroom, so they will have extra concerns about it. Bathrooms and kitchens are also the most technical rooms in most houses. It remains to be seen whether kitchens and laundry rooms are infested with evil spirits as well, or whether the evil spirits can spread to other rooms in the house or beyond.

Regardless of one’s opinions on spirits, evil or otherwise, it is best to consult with a repairman in the event of a technical failure. After ruling out the basic technical problems, homeowners can make their own decisions about how best to address their concerns about evil spirits and demons. There are certainly professional ghost hunters and people in similar trades who could take a look and help. Countless works have been written over the years about how to take care of all evil spirits and demons, right down to categorizing them by behavior and remedy. The Information Age and urbanization have given people a plethora of options for addressing all sorts of problems, whether they are perceived as either technical or spiritual in nature.

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