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Most people have heard of the term ‘Feng Shui’ but what does it mean?

Feng Shui (Wind or Water) is the ancient practice of rearranging your home or office environment so that “chi” can circulate throughout. It is believed that everything that surrounds us has a force or energy called “chi.”

The way in which our environment around us is organised can have a negative impact on our everyday life. Cluttered bedrooms and office spaces can lead to a range of financial and business troubles, ill-health and just bad luck in general. By balancing the chi for the correct energy flow, your personal and professional life can be greatly improved.  People who practice Feng Shui are said to be luckier, happier and more content with their lives than those who do not.

When people think of Feng Shui they think of rooms, but one slightly overlooked area of the home is the roof.

The Chinese believe that the roof is the head of the house, the windows are the eyes of the house and the doors are the mouth of the home.

Feng Shui Roof Styles

When applying Feng Shui to your roof, the roof material must be of high quality, strong and sturdy material. Natural, eco-friendly roofing materials such as natural tiles, slate roofing and cedar roof shingles represents the Earth and Wood element. Metal roofing materials is recommended only for garages and garden sheds, they are not considered good Feng Shui for the home.

The desired Feng Shui roof styles are those that are round in shape, ‘never-ending’ as these represent continuity. Round house exteriors represent infinity.

A Roof design that has a soft edge and sloping curves such as ‘Pagoda Roof Design’ can promote the circulation of good Feng Shui energy.

House exteriors with sharp angles can detract bad energy away from the home. Hip and Gable roof designs have the benefit of protecting the exterior from strong winds.

Pyramid style roofs are renowned to help improve creativity and spiritualism. The space underneath the Pyramid roof allows the flow of good energy and gives a boost of Feng Shui energy for the entire house.

Symmetry is extremely important when deciding on a roof design, symmetrical roofs and exteriors can increase wealth and general good luck with money and financial matters. A rectangular and sloping roof design signifies determination, perseverance, greater communication and wisdom.

Undesirable Roof Styles

Flat roof styles in homes or buildings with less than 4 floors are considered unlucky and can promote disharmony and a sense of unbalance.

Oval roofing styles are best avoided in residential homes as they represent the metal element in Feng Shui.

Sunken roof designs and those that are ‘caved’ in can promote discord and disharmony between families, having negative effects on relationships between families, especially between parents and their children.

This article was written by Lauren who with with Ashbrook Roofing. She enjoys writing about home decor and lifestyle topics.

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