4 Simple Hacks to Stop You Losing Things Around the House

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It can be immensely frustrating to repeatedly lose items around the house. From your car keys to your phone, it’s a common problem that many people fail to effectively solve, simply resorting to having to hunt around for your misplaced item each and every time.

However, there are a few simple steps you can take to prevent this from happening, or at least to make it easier to find your lost items when it does:

  1. Don’t put your phone on silent

The easiest way to find your phone when you lose it around the house is to have someone call it, and then follow the sound. However, this is rendered useless if your phone is on silent, so get into the habit of keeping your phone on loud whenever you can.

  1. Get organised

It might sound simple, but the easiest way to stop you misplacing things is to increase your level of organisation with quick and easy steps. Have a small bowl where you put your house keys and car key by the door, and get into the habit of using it, or make use of a specific place where you keep your phone and wallet when you’re at home. To give you a good example, I was constantly forgetting where I’d put my sunglasses, and as they were expensive Oakley prescription sunglasses I needed to keep track of them as they wouldn’t be feasible to constantly replace. I started keeping them on a hook by the front door every time I entered the house, and within a couple of weeks it made a huge difference, as I didn’t misplace them once.

  1. Device trackers

There are numerous inexpensive device trackers on the market that allow you to track small items such as keys, wallets or anything else. They usually feature audio alarms to help you find them, or even better a GPS that will help you find objects out of audio range. Some trackers will even alert you when you’re a certain distance from them, meaning they’ll tell you if you get up and forget to take something with you.

  1. Secure pockets!

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve lost something because it simply fell out of my pocket – an issue that can be easily solved by wearing clothes with secure pockets. Whether it’s a tighter jeans pocket or a pocket with a zip, this simple and easy step can prevent things falling out and make your life a lot less annoying.

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