4 Changes to Master Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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It doesn’t matter whether you wish to improve how your home looks or you’re getting it ready to put on the market, either way, you realize that it’s time to do something about its appearance from the road and when walking onto the property.

Here are 4 changes that will help brush up its curb appeal instantly.

Repaint the Home

We didn’t notice that the house is looking a bit shabby. We see it every day, walk out to go to work and return when it’s dark and fail to notice that the paint is looking dilapidated. There’s no amount of alterations to the front of the house that unclean or flaky paint won’t ruin for you.

Get one or two fresh coats on the exterior of the house to make it look worth every cent. If you’re up for changing the shade too, consider what would go well or that would offset the predominant colors in the front yard. Allow plenty of time for the paint to dry if you’re going to have an open house because you don’t want that new paint smell still lingering in the air.

Bring Some Color to the Driveway

A stabilized decomposed granite is a wonderfully colorful mix of gravel material that’s been ground up, so it fits naturally on the driveway. Decomposed granite handles corrosive weather because it’s already been mixed with a binding agent to resist unfriendly outside conditions.

The decomposed granite sits well with nicely manicured front yards, front gardens with plenty of plant life or just as a driveway that has more color to it than either asphalt or concrete slabs.

Attractive Porch

An attractive porch sets the scene when walking up to the front of the home and walking in. It’s a place to sit out and relax while watching the cars go by. Neighbors are more likely to be friendly when seeing you sitting out on the porch. A ceiling fan and good lighting both add elements to a basic porch which give it a little movement and luminance that prevents it looking darker and uninviting. Be sure to add some planters to the mix, ideally evenly spaced, to provide some symmetry on either side of the doorway.

Gating or Fencing

Whether you have steel gates or a wooden fence all around the front of the property, it’s the thing that a visitor sees when they drive up and have to navigate through. When the metal gates have started to rust and squeak when opening the front gate, you know it needs some oil, rust remover and a fresh coat of paint. With a wooden picket fence, check to see whether any of the pieces are broken and need replacing and if the paint needs to be touched up or repainted entirely.

Making the best of how the front of your property looks is very much about paying attention to the things you’ve been overlooking or deliberately ignoring. We just need to open our eyes to what a stranger would see as a first impression of our home and then set about fixing those issues.

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